How To Sabotage Any Business Using a Google Feature

There’s no denying that Google is basically the most powerful presence on the internet today. There’s also no denying that they’re arrogant fucktards who do not give a flying fuck about their customers.

On Google Maps, any cunt and his dog can upload a picture of said cunt and his dog – logged against YOUR VERIFIED GOOGLE BUSINESS LISTING. So that when someone searches for your business, it comes up right there, associated with your business.… Read the rest


The Most Depressing Thing In All This…

Nothing like a terrorist attack to find out that all your ‘friends’ are irrational hate filled dickheads. Hint: You cannot ’round them all up and deport them’ if they were bloody born here and are legally British citizens. Where, pray tell, would you deport them to?

And if you’re going to deport extremists, doesn’t that include yourselves, you rabid lunatic hate mongering fanatical EDL loving fuckwits? Which country would you like to be deported to?

I’m being careful not to label people as ‘racist’ or ‘xenophobic’ because in their minds that means your argument is null and void because ‘Islam isn’t a race!’ and ‘they weren’t even foreigners!’ (which kinda makes my point that you can’t fucking deport them!).… Read the rest


Why are people even surprised?

The latest crop of reports on the London Bridge incident centre around police uncovering videos by one of the suspects on ‘how to plot a van and knife attack’, and boasting about how he radicalised more than a dozen students ready to martyr themselves. People are questioning how this sort of material even gets on Youtube? It’s disgusting! Shouldn’t be allowed!

Well it’s really quite simple:

Step 1: Make a video.

Step 2: Upload to Youtube.… Read the rest


London Bridge: What Are They Not Telling Us?

Having watched and read pieces from just about every channel and media outlet related to Saturdays attack at London Bridge and Borough Market, it seems to me that there’s a whole heck of a lot that doesn’t add up about this latest terrorist incident… although nobody else seems to have noticed.

I realise that witnesses are inherently unreliable and pretty much make up their own reality; that’s been proven beyond doubt. I am sure that they think they are telling the truth.… Read the rest


You’ll Never Guess When News Stopped Being A Thing! Click Here To Find Out!

I’m so fucking sick of what passes for ‘News’ these days. Once upon a time, reporters used to, you know, gather facts and report on events.

Now they sit on their lazy fucking asses embedding indignant commentary in the form of tweets from random keyboard warriors.

Even in the mainstream media, it’s all clickbait – or just plain bullshit – headlines, followed by some poorly, lazily written shit that is full of spelling and grammar errors.… Read the rest


Theresa May Fuck Right Off.

So today goes down in history as the point of no return for Brexit.
Most probably in some future history it’ll pinpoint the day we chose to fuck our entire economy and become a permanently poorer and more isolated country.

What it won’t go down as, despite Theresa May’s pleas, is ‘a time to come together’. Fuck that, and fuck you, bitch. NO ONE voted for you.

For a start, every fucking Brexiteer you mention it to is far from prepared to ‘come together’.… Read the rest