The Most Depressing Thing In All This…

Nothing like a terrorist attack to find out that all your ‘friends’ are irrational hate filled dickheads. Hint: You cannot ’round them all up and deport them’ if they were bloody born here and are legally British citizens. Where, pray tell, would you deport them to?

And if you’re going to deport extremists, doesn’t that include yourselves, you rabid lunatic hate mongering fanatical EDL loving fuckwits? Which country would you like to be deported to?

I’m being careful not to label people as ‘racist’ or ‘xenophobic’ because in their minds that means your argument is null and void because ‘Islam isn’t a race!’ and ‘they weren’t even foreigners!’ (which kinda makes my point that you can’t fucking deport them!).… Read the rest


It’s The End Of The World As We Know It.

So, yeah. Today is Trumpageddon. The Trumpocalypse. Genuinely, the beginning of the end of the world as we know it. The day that odious little manbaby grabs America by the pussy and gives it the fucking good fisting that it probably deserves, in all honesty.

Oh Please. You were fucking begging for it.

I’m not even American, and I feel sick to my stomach today that today could actually come to pass. I won’t be watching any of the events around today despite the fact that it’s 24 hour wall to wall coverage on every news channel.… Read the rest


Britain Betrayed By Bullshitting Bitch

I suppose that our most punchable Prime Minister is at least exercising unprecedented levels of fairness; she’s sold out everyone in the country, whether they were remainers or leavers.

Our Most Punchable Traitorous Dictator, MayBot

It’s definitively a ‘hard’ Brexit now – before any real negotiations with the EU have even started – based upon her apparently serving the will of the British people who apparently voted to leave the single market. Funny, I don’t remember that being a question we were ever asked.… Read the rest


Ban The Daily Mail!

I’m so sick and tired of people being so fucking narrow minded and reactionary.

Great example is yesterdays so-called report that burglars are using drones to identify targets. The reaction of 99% of commenters? BAN DRONES! SHOOT THEM DOWN! There’s no legitimate use for them anyway!

I’m a photographer. I use drones for aerial photography. That’s a legitimate use. I’m not a terrorist – even if I do wish I could blow the heads off a majority of people most of the time.… Read the rest


How to climb out of a really bad mood: apparently 2000ft should do it

Today was ‘one of those days’ before 9am. I’d experienced pretty much the entire spectrum of the types of fucktards that make me hate humans before I even got to work – seriously, if someone had handed me a shotgun and some shells this morning, I’d have made international news by lunchtime for removing the faces of those that annoyed me with lead shot (something I enjoy fantasising about often… and alluded to in my first ever post here, although the method of dispatching said tards varies with my mood.… Read the rest