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Do It. You Wuss.

So it all went a bit quiet on the Koran burning front, didn’t it? Still, that nutty little pastor from the back of beyond got his 15 minutes of fame out of it, even after he backed down and ‘postponed’ the event. So I guess he’s happy enough.

I think he should have done it. Why the fuck not? I mean, the protests it sparked in the Muslim world – utterly predictably, I suppose – saw them burning American flags and effigies representing Jones and Barack Obama (while  chanting ‘Death to Christians’). Do they not see the completely ridiculous fucking irony of that? Do they not understand how staggeringly fucking hypocritical they appear? [...]  read more

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Idea Snubbed by BBC :(

Sheesh. The BBC have removed my comment from a debate on “How should student immigration levels be controlled?”, citing that comments ‘may be removed if they are considered abusive, threatening, harmful, obscene, disablist, homophobic or racially offensive, or disruptive to discussion’. I have evidently committed one of these grave sins! 😮

I merely ventured that we should let the students in, then process them into Soylent Green wafers.

What’s wrong with that?!

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What We Need Right Now Is A Good Old Fashioned Witchhunt!

All the shit that’s going on in the news at the moment, and what are people most up in arms about?

Organising a lynching for the old biddy caught on camera putting a cat into a wheelie bin, of course! They’ve had to put a POLICE GUARD on her house to protect her, for fucks sake.

Way to go, Britain. It’s nice to see you have your priorities right.

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Song For The BBC

Speaking of being ripped off… if you’re in the UK, you can’t have failed to see the TV Licensing Ad, with it’s bouncy, jaunty little song about pushing buttons, as someone clicks away online to get their TV licence:

You push a little button and you get hot chocolate
Push a little button and you get some tea
The worlds gone mad just pushing little buttons
But what about you and me?

You push a little button and you make a motor car
Push a little button and you watch TV
Night and Day we’re pushing little buttons
But what about you and me?
 [...]  read more

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Dear Valve/Steam. Please Go Fuck Yourselves.

Another thing I hate is being fucking blatantly ripped off by lying cheating scum. Valve and their Steam offering are a good example.

Steam are always having sales. You can bet your little ass that the second you buy something, it’ll be offered 50% off. And if you buy it when it’s 50% off, next day it’ll be 75% off.

Yeah, it fucks me off, but ultimately, that’s life and that’s their choice on how to treat their customers. I just wouldn’t necessarily advise it if you want to keep those customers. [...]  read more

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Licensed To Surf?

You know, I really think you should have to pass a test and get a license to use the internet. So many users are utterly, hopelessly and even dangerously ignorant.

I despair everytime I watch anyone use the ‘net. Especially since they usually start off typing ‘google’ into the Google search bar on their browser to get to the Google home page so they can type in ‘Facebook’…

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Last US Troops Leave Iraq

Yes, it’s a historic day. The last US combat troops have finally fucked off after their invasion of Iraq a mere seven years ago. Although that’s not the end of the US presence in Iraq… just that the war is over (funny, I could have sworn I  recall George Bush telling us the war was over nearly 7 years ago). The US stresses that they still have a trillion dollar investment to protect in Iraq (Americans must be well pleased about that given the state of their economy at home).

So, I guess the US is free to illegally invade some other middle eastern country of their choice, now (read: Iran), closely followed by their lapdog, the UK. [...]  read more

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