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I hate the BBC

What’s the best alternative to outdated tv licensing model? A mandatory tv tax, of course!

The BBC is inevitably in the news today, since the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee have published a report ahead of the debate over the renewal of the BBC’s Royal Charter.

Here’s a fairly typical set of quotes from one such article, in this case, from the Daily Mail. With my own commentary below them, obviously! :p

“The BBC is a profligate and inept organisation that has lost public trust after a series of scandals, MPs will say today.”

Yup. Absolutely true. Couldn’t agree more. Although it’s fucking hilarious for MPs to be accusing ANYONE else of being inept and having lost public trust. [...]  read more

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Thanks Again, Beeb

Not really wanting to get up at some ungodly hour to watch the Grand Prix, I PVR’d it to watch it when I got up. But I don’t need to, now, thanks to the BBC! Turned on the tv just in time for them to go one better than their usual blabbermouth reporting of the results by going over live during BBC Breakfast to watch the last two corners of the race, and consequently, I now know the results, and indeed, the results of the whole World Championship. Awesome. That saves me a few hours tv watching. Thanks! [...]  read more

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Fuck Ecclestone. Fuck Sky. Fuck the BBC. Fuck Formula 1.

Soooo, yeah. The BBC have lost the rights to half – yes half, not all, but half – of Formula One live coverage from 2012 to 2018 to Sky.

For anyone that is willing to shell out for Sky Sports to watch the other half the season live (that number doesn’t include me), they can look forward to “the full Sky Sports treatment.”, according to Barney Francis of Sky Sports. IE, advertisement breaks every 8 minutes and missing all the crucial action.

For the rest of us, the BBC are offering ‘extended highlights’ of the races they won’t be covering later in the day. What the fuck is the point of that? If you don’t watch the race live, there’s no point watching it at all, since there’s no chance of not having it all ruined for you by news coverage of the race results. In fact BBC are one of the worst for this. With football, they say ‘if you don’t want to know the results, look away now.’, but with F1, with no warning, they’ll suddenly blurt out the results and show the best race incidents. [...]  read more

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Song For The BBC

Speaking of being ripped off… if you’re in the UK, you can’t have failed to see the TV Licensing Ad, with it’s bouncy, jaunty little song about pushing buttons, as someone clicks away online to get their TV licence:

You push a little button and you get hot chocolate
Push a little button and you get some tea
The worlds gone mad just pushing little buttons
But what about you and me?

You push a little button and you make a motor car
Push a little button and you watch TV
Night and Day we’re pushing little buttons
But what about you and me?
 [...]  read more

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