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Stuff I Hate

Dear Dave, Please STFU About Your Big Society Already.

Big Society my fucking ass.

We’re ‘all in this together’, he says. Constantly. No, we’re not. Even your ‘Big Society’ is not meant to be for people like me. It’s for the select few. The select few don’t make up society; rather, they make up the ‘high society’ that is you and your corporate buddies.

People like me (read: the majority of people in this country) work our fucking asses off for more hours than I care to count at shitty jobs at shitty companies that don’t give a fuck about their employees – we’re just the cogs in a machine designed to make the select few at the top very rich, for which we’re supposed to be eternally fucking grateful, despite the fact we barely make enough money to feed ourselves. [...]  read more

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Test Drive Unfinished II

I’m getting utterly fucking sick of games developers and publishers who seem to think it’s perfectly acceptable to push out unfinished, bug ridden crap and charge £40+ quid for it.

Almost every new game you care to put in your PS3 these days (and prolly Xbox as well, but since Micro$$$oft are a bunch of cunts and their hardware sucks donkey balls, I haven’t bought any new Xbox software in a long time, and the ugly white brick sits gathering dust) requires a 300+ meg launch day patch before you can even play, and then you can look forward to gigabytes of further updates so that one day, a few months from now, your new game MIGHT just work as it should have done when you bought it. Unless the developers just give up trying to patch it and move on to the next piece of shit they’re gonna rip off your hard earned cash for. My hard drive is buckling under the weight of patches, hacks and fixes to retail games I’ve purchased. [...]  read more

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Nothing If Not Honest. Err. Kinda

One of my pet hates is DRM. Obviously. Who could actually like DRM? What I hate more is DRM so restrictive that you’re pretty much stuffed if you upgrade/change your computer. Especially coupled with shit customer service.

A month ago I politely asked through the correct channels for a reactivation of software I legitimately own for my current PC. No reply. Three more requests… no reply.

So today I emailed them and stated as fact that I am downloading a cracked pirate version of their software… supplying them my user name and serial number so they’re in no doubt as to who I am. At least I’m honest about my dishonesty 🙂 [...]  read more

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Shut Up And Pay Up, Bitches

Ok. I’m beginning to get a bit fucked off with all the pissing and moaning across the country in the last day or two about the government proposal to remove caps on university tuition fees.

Look, it’s your decision to go to university. It’s you that wants to get educated at the tax payers expense so you can become one of those middle class high earners for the rest of your working life on the strength of a piece of paper that says you have booksmarts.

Is it REALLY too much to expect you to pay a fraction of one years salary back to cover the cost of a portion of your education? [...]  read more

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Dear The Human Race

Please, please, for the love of all that is fucking holy, learn to use the BCC field.

Or more importantly, stop sending me every fucking stupid email that comes your way, while exposing my email address to a hundred of your dumb friends so that they can add me to the mailing group that THEY send every fucking inane piece of crap to.
















!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [...]  read more

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Dog Owners Are Shit

I’m not really sure what the BBC were trying to achieve with their story on Breakfast this morning. We all know that, apart from being unsightly, smelly, and a nuisance, dog shit is also potentially extremely dangerous to people, and obviously especially to children, and that it can permanently affect their eyesight, among other things. Happens more than you think… and dragging one little girl who has been left blinded by dog shit in a play park onto morning telly really isn’t going to make any difference. [...]  read more

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Song For The BBC

Speaking of being ripped off… if you’re in the UK, you can’t have failed to see the TV Licensing Ad, with it’s bouncy, jaunty little song about pushing buttons, as someone clicks away online to get their TV licence:

You push a little button and you get hot chocolate
Push a little button and you get some tea
The worlds gone mad just pushing little buttons
But what about you and me?

You push a little button and you make a motor car
Push a little button and you watch TV
Night and Day we’re pushing little buttons
But what about you and me?
 [...]  read more

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Dear Valve/Steam. Please Go Fuck Yourselves.

Another thing I hate is being fucking blatantly ripped off by lying cheating scum. Valve and their Steam offering are a good example.

Steam are always having sales. You can bet your little ass that the second you buy something, it’ll be offered 50% off. And if you buy it when it’s 50% off, next day it’ll be 75% off.

Yeah, it fucks me off, but ultimately, that’s life and that’s their choice on how to treat their customers. I just wouldn’t necessarily advise it if you want to keep those customers. [...]  read more

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