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Too Stupid To Live

UKIP: The First 100 Days

Channel 4 aired their one off fictional drama imagining the first 100 days of a UKIP government last night. I have somewhat mixed feelings about it.

Mostly, I just don’t think it’s fair or right to be putting fictional words in the mouths of real people, especially targeting one political party so close to a general election.

People are fucking stupid. They show time and again that they are often incapable of separating fact from fiction – after all, they lap up and regurgitate everything an inherently biased media tell them – and this programme will almost certainly be in peoples minds and therefore have an effect on the outcome of the general election, however small. [...]  read more

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Twitter run by twit

Oh good. Twitter has struck a deal to spew it’s crap all over the web, which it says will “open a significant opportunity” to extend the reach of its “message” to a larger audience. Most annoyingly, they’re going to start showing up in Google search results.

Yeah. See, here’s the thing. If we wanted to read the bollocks that gets vomitted onto Twitter by their core customer base of over-eager commentards with no self awareness or ability to exercise self censorship, then we would, yaknow, join Twitter and read them there. I can assure you that the thing I’m searching for on Google will never, ever, ever be found in a tweet from anyone ever. Seriously. If it ever happens, I’ll eat my own testicles. [...]  read more

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Not Quite What He Meant?

Several stories today, like this one, covering a BBC Radio interview are going with the leadline “British astronaut Major Tim Peake has said he could come back from his landmark space mission younger than when he left”

The actual quote from the Major was “Well if you’re going into the theoretical physics of how fast we are travelling, we go at about 17 and a half thousand miles an hour so yes, you will come back a little bit younger because of course, the faster you travel, the slower time goes – but really, you’re talking fractions of a second.” [...]  read more

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Canned Food Doesn’t Kill People; People Who Throw Canned Food Kill People.

This, apparently, is not a joke: Alabama middle school principal tells kids to bring canned goods to class, throw them at possible gunmen.

W.F. Burns Middle School Principal Priscella Holley sent a letter home to parents asking them to arm their children with eight-ounce canned goods, which kids can chuck at attackers during an emergency. Holley explained that the cans can stun a shooter and give students a sense of empowerment.

Yeah! Imagine that sense of empowerment they’ll feel for the 3 seconds it takes for the gunman to turn round and shoot them in the face… [...]  read more

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The biggest threat to our freedom is our government. Part 2.

It’s disturbing to think our country is run by a man who has such an incredible lack of self awareness that he literally cannot tell his ass from his elbow. Cameron contradicts himself daily and manages to end up looking like a stupid fucktard every time he opens his mouth.

As I said in my last post, the biggest threat we face to our liberty and safety is the utter incompetence and breathtaking lack of understanding displayed constantly by our own government.

In an interview on Heart Radio today, he said, when asked whether UK outlets were putting themselves at risk by selling the new Charlie Hebdo issue, and I quote; [...]  read more

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The biggest threat to our freedom is our government. Not terrorists.

So our politicians will go and stand shoulder to shoulder with millions of people on a march to defend our right to freedom of expression… as long as we give up all our rights to privacy. If you remember, this all happened off the back of 9/11 too. Governments the world over jumped on the opportunity to get away with eroding our freedoms and privacy and rights for our own sakes. it’s pretty fucking sick, really, to take advantage of mass murder like this.

So now they insist that – for our security – they need to have the capability to snoop on every word we exchange privately between individuals. Or, at least, that’s what they think they will achieve by potentially banning encrypted apps like WhatsApp. [...]  read more

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Oh, where to even start? A rant:

Honestly, there is so much ridiculous shit going down in the world that it’s hard to know what the fuck to comment on at all. If I even tried to tackle all the things I’ve read in the last few days I’d need to pack in my work and make this a full time career. Somehow, I don’t see that being particularly lucrative.

So where to start? Well, Charlie Hebdo are in the news again (still in the news?) because they are ‘bravely’ and ‘defiantly’ (read: stupidly) issuing a special edition copy of their publication depicting the Prophet Muhammed on the cover (for a change. yawn). And printing a run of 3,000,000 copies compared to their usual circulation of somewhere between 30k and 60k depending on who you believe. A Google backed fund are donating to Charlie Hebdo to ensure they can keep running, and the French state have given them a million euros. A cynic (ie, me) might say that they’re doing rather well out of this whole thing. I really don’t give a fuck how much abuse and hate you want to pile on me for saying so. By all means bring it on. [...]  read more

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Je ne suis pas charlie

Sorry and all. But in all conscience I just can’t back Charlie Hebdo as a shining beacon of the right to freedom of speech. And I absolutely cannot stand shoulder to shoulder with and condone the words of the mob reacting to the events of last week who are using it as their banner.

This is not a case of ‘if you’re not with us then you must be against us’. I’m not endorsing terrorism by refusing to take up the meme. On the contrary, I will defend the right to freedom of speech every time, and at the same time I absolutely condemn the actions of the killers in the various incidents in France. [...]  read more

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