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Too Stupid To Live

Police are Noobz.

Hoo boy. So it turns out that at least 4 UK police forces who have confiscated mobiles and entered them into evidence have returned to find the phones remotely wiped of all data, thanks to most mobiles having handy utilities for doing exactly that. I know it really shouldn’t need saying but here’s a handy tip for the police: take. the. fucking. battery. out. you. plebs.

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People are still too stupid to live

In a previous rant, I detailed how people inexplicably manage to sign my email addresses up to all sorts of shit. It still happens regularly. Only thing that’s changed is my tolerence for it.

I’ve been receiving this annoying bunch of marketing newsletters from a car dealership for months and months, despite having hit the ‘unsubscribe’ link a dozen times.

Today I received a confirmation that a car I don’t own is scheduled for a service appointment at a garage in a country I don’t live in. I clicked the link in the email and it automagically signed me in, password free, to their account at their automotive dealers. [...]  read more

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Insight Into Scamming Scum

Due to some russian comment spamming scum sucking mother fucking twat who was too pigshit thick to even manage to do that correctly, I received the following into my comment spam (I don’t auto-purge them cuz I like to add them to my ban list first).

It’s the raw template that would be automatically adapted (or maybe just completely randomised, who knows?) in reply to comments on websites. It’s very long, and only for the very interested, but for anyone who ever wondered why they bother doing these things and how they do them, the answer is that they don’t…software does it all for them… assuming they’re not too fucking stupid to use it, like this guy. In fact, I’m introducing a new tag to my blog in his honour: ‘Too Stupid To Live’. Which I guess could be retro-actively applied to 90% of the subjects of my previous rants. [...]  read more

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Please Steal My Identity!

Pople are fucking morons. I get that. But there’s a strange phenomenon that I am afflicted by on at least a weekly basis for many years now that leaves me shaking my head… that is: people (not just the same person!) sign up to all sorts of shit with MY email address. I really don’t get that.

And we’re not just talking about the sort of crap you’d give a throwaway email address to – we’re talking about the sort of stuff you give sensitive data to. I confess, I have fucked with one or two of them when it’s particularly annoyed me. Well, you would, wouldn’t you? These dumb fuckers are just begging to have their identities stolen. I wish I had underworld criminal contacts to sell their details to, frankly. [...]  read more

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