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Britain Betrayed By Bullshitting Bitch

I suppose that our most punchable Prime Minister is at least exercising unprecedented levels of fairness; she’s sold out everyone in the country, whether they were remainers or leavers.

Our Most Punchable Traitorous Dictator, MayBot

It’s definitively a ‘hard’ Brexit now – before any real negotiations with the EU have even started – based upon her apparently serving the will of the British people who apparently voted to leave the single market. Funny, I don’t remember that being a question we were ever asked. Funny how it also flies in the face of numerous polls that say that 90% of voters want to stay in the single market. The single market that was, after all, a UK invention and hard won victory brokered under Thatcher’s watch. The single market that has allowed Britain to become one of the worlds strongest economies. The single market that has allowed people to travel and study and do business across Europe. [...]  read more

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Zucchini Be Serious?!

As if things weren’t bad enough in the UK, now THIS! I don’t even know if I can go on at this point.

The headline pun is a bit of a fail, given that courgettes are not in any way related to pickles, though it did amuse me that they have a news section specifically dedicated to vegetables. Amazingly, it’s not even the only article on the ‘crisis’ (they actually called it that).

Even more amazing, they invite you to contribute by posting pictures of courgettes… [...]  read more

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Call me stupid, but…

Right. So our latest brilliant idea to thwart terrorism and keep our country safe from extremists is that parents who are worried about their children being or becoming radicalised can report them and the government will seize or cancel their passports so they can’t fuck off to Syria and get themselves killed.

Now, call me stupid, but do we want to trap the – now even more angry at us – west hating extremist terrorist types in our country? I’m not seeing how that’s a ‘good thing’ that will keep us safer? [...]  read more

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VW: Still Cheating and Lying!

“This was not a corporate decision, This was something individuals did.”
“a couple of software engineers who put this in for whatever reason.”

— Michael Horn, head of Volkswagen’s American unit, before a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee hearing

Even if this were the tiniest bit believable, it MUST have been common knowledge that the engines VW built were outputting up to 40 times the legal emissions limits, and that somehow, magically, mystically, they all passed their emissions tests, and no one at VW questioned that? [...]  read more

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Ban The Daily Mail!

I’m so sick and tired of people being so fucking narrow minded and reactionary.

Great example is yesterdays so-called report that burglars are using drones to identify targets. The reaction of 99% of commenters? BAN DRONES! SHOOT THEM DOWN! There’s no legitimate use for them anyway!

I’m a photographer. I use drones for aerial photography. That’s a legitimate use. I’m not a terrorist – even if I do wish I could blow the heads off a majority of people most of the time. [...]  read more

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Yes, I’m a TW@T

You may have noticed a new widget in the sidebar. You may have noticed it contains tweets from me. No, I still think Twitter is full of fucktards. It’s just they can count me among their number now. I figured that (a) annoying tw@ts gives me a bigger target for my trolling and (b) it couldn’t hurt to bring a few here so they can tweet about my appalling blog! 😀

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‘Gay Cake’ ruling is bullshit

I’m sure you’ve seen it. Long story short, a bakery decided to refuse to ice a cake with a pro-gay logo because of their own religious beliefs. A judge has ruled that they were guilty of discrimination.

That is utter bullshit. We have the absolute right in UK law as private business owners to ‘reserve the right to refuse service for any or no reason’. You don’t need to display a sign. You don’t need to give a reason. Your business, your right to refuse service. Simple as. So how the fuck are they even allowed to make this ruling? [...]  read more

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You don’t fucking say?

Caught a preview for Newsnight last night just before the local news, which detailed upcoming revelations that UK politics is dominated by a self serving rich elite.


I didn’t actually watch it because I would have likely been compelled to throw things at the tv.

But it did leave me wondering who the hell the intended audience was, since everyone in the country is already painfully fucking aware of these ‘revelations’.

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